Monday, 28 November 2011

Felt Christmas Bauble - Decoration Tutorial

Here's a wonderful, short'n'sweet tutorial for how to make these gorgeous (but really simple) Christmas bauble decorations

Step 1 - Cut our felt pieces as shown (This tutorial is for the round bauble but a similar method applies to the teardrop shape also). To include: two felt baubles (shown here in red), A wide band (white) a thin band and bauble top (turquoise). These can be to a size of your preference. Also, a 12cm length of ribbon will be needed for the hanging loop.

Step 2- Next, sew the large band onto one of the bauble pieces with  a running stitch. I have used a matching thread colour for this band.

Step 3- Now, sew the small band onto the wider one, again with  a running stitch. I have used a sparkly red thread colour for this band to make a feature of the stitches

Step 4- Next, sew on some decorative ric-rac (or ribbon if you prefer), taking the edges around the back of the bauble slightly

back view

tiny running stitches keep the ric-rac in place
TIP: At this stage, you may also choose to sew on some lovely sparkly sequins and/or seed beads.

Step 5- You're nearly there already!........ Now you need to stitch the ribbon and bauble 'top' onto your bauble.... Simply use vertical stitches as I have to give the appearance of a traditional bauble top. I used a light grey thread for this part.

Step 6-  And for the final step, simply sew the other red fabric bauble onto the back of the first, masking all  the messy-bits! You could use any simple stitch type for this  :)

Congratulations - you can now make loads of these to decorate your tree and home.  Why not make some as gifts for your loved ones and /or get the kids involved?
Merry Christmas - be sure to follow my blog  whilst you're here 

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